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Loper Legion appreciation night set for April 29
Krystal Nunnenkamp
Antelope Staff
Photo courtesy of Facebook
Louie the Loper and Loper Legion's Student Advisor Matt Tomjack, lead the student body section during a UNK basketball game. Tomjack, from Wahoo, will be graduating this May with a degree in Sports Administration.

The students you see at games cheering loud, decked out in blue, and crazy for Loper athletics aren’t just your ordinary student section.


They are Loper Legion. 


This all-student led organization gets the students involved in home games for both men’s and women’s athletics at UNK. Loper Legion’s student advisor Matt Tomjack, says the organization he helped revive can continue to grow with community support. 

“After I leave in May, future Loper Legion exec. boards are always welcome to seek my advice. I hope they get a lot of outside support from the community and are available to offer more incentives to go to games,” said Tomjack, a graduating senior from Wahoo. “I hope they work with the athletic department and organize at least one road trip to each of our new MIAA foes.


With the change of conference for the Lopers come brand-new opportunities for the UNK student body to start anew and really back their Lopers.”

Loper Legion was originally started five years ago by Kyle Bowers, but only lasted a year.


When Tim Hruza was elected student body president, he looked to Tomjack to restart the organization.


Tomjack has been working with Loper Legion for three years now.

Tomjack said he came from a high school that had nothing but school pride, and he grew up watching Division I sports that always had a large student population at games.


When he came to UNK there was none of that. 

Tomjack started small by just getting his fraternity brothers to go to basketball games and felt that he could do that on a larger scale. “It hasn't been an easy road, but I feel that if it carries on after I leave, it will have been well worth it.”

You can get out and support UNK at Loper Legion Student Appreciation Night at Memorial Field Friday, April 29 at 5 p.m.


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