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June 14 execution date set for Moore
Bethany Shinn
Antelope Staff
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Raymond Mata Jr., a current Nebraska death row inmate, could face execution by lethal injection later this year.

Mata's final sentence for 2000 murder still on hold pending appeal

An execution date of June 14 has been set for Carey Dean Moore by the Nebraska Supreme court, the first to be carried out in 13 years since the court banned the electric chair.

Moore, 53, was sentenced for the 1979 murder of two cabbies during robberies.


His first stay of execution was granted six days before the execution scheduled in 2007 because the court wanted to review the legality of the electric chair.

Eleven men sit on Nebraska’s death row. A letter last year from the attorney general’s office said the state likely would seek an execution date for Raymond Mata Jr., convicted in the 1999 murder of a Scottsbluff toddler, after a lethal injection protocol was written.


  His lawyers have challenged the use of the drug.

Since capital punishment was adopted in Nebraska, 38 individuals have been executed. 


Only three of these executions have occurred since 1976. 

In May 28, 2009, Nebraska legislatures approved a bill to change the state’s method of execution from electrocution to lethal injection.


Nebraska was the last state in the nation to adopt lethal injection execution.


Debate continues centered around the impending execution of Mata, who was convicted in 2000 of kidnapping and murdering Adam Gomes, the 3-year-old son of a previous girlfriend.


Investigators testified that parts of the toddler’s body were found at Mata’s home in a freezer, a dog bowl, dog-food bag, and from the stomach of Mata’s dog.


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