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Wang hooked on radio
Bo Nesslein
JMC 215
Photo by Bo Nesslein
At the controls, Lei Wang smiles as she begins the “Susi and Lei Show” on UNK’s radio station 91.1, FM every Thursday at 4 p.m.

Chinese student donates free time to produce KLPR, 91.1 FM 'Susi and Lei Show' with partner

Since she sat in a small grade school classroom, Lei Wang wanted to do radio. While attending grade school, Wang was able to do short news reports at local station in her hometown of Nanning, China.

Wang, an exchange student majoring in English, donates her time in the UNK radio station. After completing the required radio workshop credits, Lei loved it so much she decided to continue. “I just love it,” Wang said.

The opportunity to practice speaking English as well as the quiet nature of a radio studio has Wang hooked. “It is so quiet and peaceful in the studio, I can relax, unwind and play some great music.  As an exchange student, it can be very lonely and boring on campus sometimes, so time on the radio helps me speak out loud.”

Wang wants to work full time in public relations or media work, utilizing her time at the station to develop more confidence.  “I am always nervous in large groups and I want to improve on my English speaking skills.” Wang said she has greatly improved her speech and confidence being at the station compared to last year, “I feel much more relaxed now from last semester, and it’s a lot more fun than all of my other classes.”  

Wang also has a partner on the show, Azucena Vera Chavez (known to most as Susi).  Their show is called the “Susi and Lei Show.”  Their niche is playing music in Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and English.  They discuss current events like the Chinese New Year or St. Patrick’s Day.  

For both Susi and Wang, though English in not their native tongue or culture, they find talking about the music and cultural differences between countries as another niche market.  They performed recently in the food court of the Student Union building for Campus Conversation Table to encourage more exchange students to join in and practice speaking English. You can catch the normal hours of the “Susi and Lei Show,” Thursdays at 5 p.m. on the KLPR 91.1 FM radio station.


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