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Meet the Greeks
Bethany Shinn
Antelope Staff

All you need to know about UNK Greek life

You see them everywhere; hear about their newest fundraiser, but do you know who they really are?  Roaming around campus are over 500 students who have committed their college career to the chapter of their choice. These students are a part of the vastly growing Greek Life student body at UNK.  Just as any other student organization, students should get to know our Greeks, and find out what they are all about.   

UNK Greek Life has four core values — scholarship, leadership, service and friendship.

UNK Greeks consistently have a higher GPA than the all-men's and women's averages on our campus. Academic achievement is a huge part of our organizations.

Greeks are active inside and outside the Greek Community. Not only do they hold leadership positions in their chapters, but also in student organizations such as student government, giving campus tours, varsity athletics, campus ministries, and academic clubs/honoraries.  Over 90 percent of our Greek students are currently involved in other organizations on campus.


Giving back to the campus and community is something you will ALWAYS find UNK Greeks doing! Greeks raise over $60,000 for philanthropic events, completing over 10,000 volunteer hours annually.

 Brotherhood and Sisterhood is something you can always count on when you are Greek. You will have friend's everyday to help you through the challenges of college and support you in all of you accomplishments!

Why go Greek?

Friendship is the cornerstone of fraternity and sorority life, but it doesn't end there. Greeks at UNK actively participate in intramurals, UNK athletics, and serving the Kearney community. Over $36,000 is raised each year for local and national charities in addition to over 10,000+ hours of hands-on service.

Fraternity and sorority membership can offer a well-rounded college
experience. UNK's Greek community represents 500 diversified men and women belonging to 12 different fraternities and sororities. The Greek community provides its members with opportunities for growth and excellence in academic, leadership, service learning and social opportunities.

UNK fraternity and sorority members are often leaders in various areas of campus involvement. The Greek community has provided a significant outlet for those dedicated to making such commitments. A fraternity or sorority will provide life-long friendships and excellent opportunities for personal growth.


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