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Wemhoff takes on world:
Brooke Alstrom
Courtesy photo
Wemhoff paid 3 yuan to have a photo shoot with this bird, which is about 50 cents in the United States.
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Wemhoff purchased fresh papaya from a local farmer's market in Hilo, Hawaii, before spending time in the sun on white sand beaches. She later discovered that she didn't like papaya at all.
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Wemhoff got an adrenaline rush as she climbed to the edge of giant boulders and looked over an endless drop-off at the top of Mount Tai, just north of Tai'an, China.

When July 2011 graduate Emily Wemhoff from Creston began her college career, she had no idea of what she would accomplish over the course of the next four years.


Wemhoff began her journey at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but transferred to UNK her sophomore year. 


The now public relations major quickly became involved on campus in organizations such as Nebraskats, LPAC, the Women’s Choir, The Antelope and SIMM. Her junior year was by far the busiest. “My planner was my guardian angel,” she says.


But after a hectic third year of college, Wemhoff decided to take a route that a lot of students never consider. 


In the fall semester of 2010 Wemhoff left the United States for a study abroad program in China.


She says that China was never at the top of her list for places to visit, but she took on the challenge and realized that sometimes the places with the least expectations turn out to be the most life



After spending four months halfway around the world, Wemhoff said, “I can almost guarantee that I will never again complain about a public restroom in the United States.” 


Studying in a different country wasn't difficult for Wemhoff. While most exchange programs entail sitting in a classroom full of students from that country, she was able to take classes from the UNK faculty director who made the trek to China, in addition to online classes. 


China isn't the end of her story, however. In the spring semester of 2011, a mere month or so after returning home to Nebraska from China, Wemhoff began another adventurous semester, this time, in Hawaii. 


Through the UNK National Exchange Program, Wemhoff was able to soak up sand and sun, in addition to continuing her college classes, all while the UNK Campus fought the bitter chill of winter.


“I love to travel and I love adventure,” says Wemhoff. “I don’t know why exactly I chose Hawaii. Why not, right?” 


Nearing the end of her college career, Wemhoff has life stories to tell that a lot of people can only dream about. But, what else could you expect from a young woman who started her own nationally acclaimed service project (Project S.A.F.E.) at the young age of 12? 


To learn more about her adventures and achievements, you can visit Wemhoff's travel blog at 


While she admits that traveling abroad has been a culture shock and even frightening at times, Wemhoff encourages other students to step out of their comfort zone too. 


Students often have many misconceptions about the cost of study abroad programs, but Ann Marie Park, coordinator in the office of study abroad on campus  said, "the truth is— we have programs that vary in cost from $500 to $7,000." If you're interested in learning more about the

programs available to you, check out  




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