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Your life, your choice
Justin Gilson
Antelope Staff
Photo by Justin GilsonLee Elliot, a graduate from the class of 1973 at UNK, spoke at the Nebraskan Student Union to a group of enthusiastic students and teachers on March 9 about developing your goals and setting up a life plan.

UNK alumnus has plan for success, happiness


Imagine you are asked to write your own obituary, but you have to start with today going forward. What would you say? Would you write down the life that’s perfect for you?  Everything in life all comes down to choices.  

“Whatever you believe is most important to you right now in your life is the key to finding the things you want to do,” said Lee Elliott retired vice president of human relations at St. Francis Medical Center. On March 9, the Professional Development Committee of Staff Senate sponsored a workshop about life choices presented by Elliott in the Nebraskan Student Union for students and faculty.

Elliot says it’s our choice, and we are responsible for making the correct choices in our lives. Each person has a good idea of the way life should be, yet few are able to find the path to achieving their desired lives.  

The key reason that keeps people from achieving most of their ambitions comes down to two important words: goal setting.  Elliot says people don't go toward their dreams because they lack concrete plans, clear goals and achievable steps.

Figuring out your goals and life plan while still in college may seem a bit tricky because you may not know where to even start, but the process is very simple. According to Elliott’s lecture, you must identify your values before you can get a perspective on the things you want. You must understand and define your values and priorities in life. Every person has a view of what’s important, but those priorities come in different orders and different times during their lives.

With a clear understanding of your values, finding out what your goals are becomes a lot easier.  Elliott believes the basic starting point for your plan should include family, recreation or hobbies, religion, work, education and satisfaction about life in general. “When you develop your plan and begin to do what you really want to do, your values become one in the same,” Elliott said.

You should begin your plan and follow through with your choices and success will soon follow. Each day you need to do the important things that will make your success inevitable, Elliot said. The more you act, the more you create the habits you need to build a successful life.


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