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Student Government receives Big Event help
Skylar Leatherman
Antelope Staff

NRHH begins first year of co-planning

Imagine organizing the largest event on the UNK campus—by yourself. This year marks the first year National Residence Hall Honorary relieves complete stress from student government by helping organize The Big Event.

NRHH is the only nationwide organization that recognizes leaders in the residence halls. Membership in a chapter is limited to one percent of the schools residence hall population, or a maximum of 20 students. NRHH members are chosen because of a combination of leadership, social skills, scholastics and level of involvement on campus.

Blaine Drozd, a senior recreational management major from Genoa is a member of NRHH. “People in NRHH have more school spirit than anyone else I know,” Drozd said. “We care about UNK and what we stand for.”

Drozd is the member of NRHH and is the mind behind getting NRHH to help student government this year. “I did The Big Event for three years, and I know the people who run it are really stressed out,” Drozd said.

NRHH’s role in planning The Big Event is really what Drozd called a “tag-team” with student government.

“We looked at what we had to do and Ali [Titus] and I use the help of our delegations,” Drozd said. “This way both of our organizations won’t be burdened too much.”

Drozd said he would rather help out with others than do a majority of things.

“It’s what I’m passionate about,” Drozd said. “It doesn’t bother me to go out of my way to help others. Sometimes I put my studies off to help with The Big Event. It’s a bigger picture than just me. I’ve got a bigger perspective of how important service is.”

Drozd is helping with contracting work sties and facilities. “I booked Foster Field for the morning of The Big Event and a place if it rains. I also booked lunch in Harmon Park.”

Drozd is also writing letters to local pizza places to ask if they can provide for lunch. When the pizza places donate, they can use the letter as a tax write-off. He also works with those who are helping with T-shirts and the committee in charge of The Big Event.

Helping with The Big Event is a special experience for Drozd. “I think the experience itself, working with and meeting new people.”

Drozd said the thing he enjoys most about The Big Event is that it is the biggest day at UNK where students come together to do community service.

“We all come together as a UNK community to give back,” Drozd said. “I feel like the community does a lot for UNK, and we don’t realize or acknowledge it.”

The Big Event helps various organizations in the Kearney community such as the Archway Museum and the Red Cross as well as individuals in the community. “Sometimes the elderly need help raking their yard and cleaning windows,” Drozd said. “Students seem to like those work places better because you have a one-on-one connection with who they are helping.”

Drozd said he thrives on helping others. “I’ve always been service oriented and I think there is more to be gained by giving than taking,” he said. “I don’t think enough of us realize that and take time out of our ordinary day. I just think it’s a shame The Big Event is only one day. It unifies our campus and it’s a great way for organizations on campus to come together and help. 


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