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'Blue and Yellow'-the UNK remix
Jordan Squiers
JMC 318
Photo by Takeshi Yuge
Mickael "Mikey B" Butierres and Eli "Axcess" Hammond's recent single "Blue and Yellow" has had airtime on the radio and 2,000 plays on Both artists are also Loper football players.

Axcess and Mikey B redo Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow"

Eli “Axcess” Hammond and Mickael “Mikey B” Butierres have been performing together since their freshman year at UNK.  While they both have projects they have been working on independently or with other artists, it has been the songs they have produced together that have gained the most recognition in the Kearney area.

Their most recent single, “Blue and Yellow” has been played on the local radio station Hits 106 and has been played over 2,000 times on

“Coach Bauder came up with idea,” Hammond said. “It probably took about 45 minutes to get the song written and another 45 minutes to record it.”

Hammond and Butierres recently gave a live interview on Hits 106 and performed last Thursday at Shooters.  

The Shooters performance featured artists from California and Colorado.  The performance commenced with popular hits “Blue and Yellow” and “Go Lopers.”

Butierres is working on a solo project that will contain around 15 tracks. The mix tape should be released within the next few months.  He has a great deal of music he has not yet released and said he is excited to start getting his solo project out to the public.

“Music is poetry in motion and real music has a message,” Butierres said.  “That’s what I bring to my music.”

Butierres started his music career writing poetry, which was never intended to turn into lyrics. Around the age of 16, he said he started turning his poems into raps.

Hammond, on the other hand works with different artists from Denver when he is not recording with Butierres.  He recently released “The Book of Eli,” a 16-track mix tape hosted by DJ Ton.

Hammond is currently working on his next album, “The Experience,” with Denver artist Perelli-Pz and will be releasing a mix tape shortly before the album drops.  

On top of their music, both men play football for the Lopers.  “It’s hard to find time balancing football, school and music, but I usually spend the majority of my weekends writing and recording music,” Hammond said.


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