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Stargazing with Men's Hall
Lacey McPhillips
JMC 215
Photo by Lacey McPhillips
Becky Bervin, left, a junior elementary education major from Grand Island, and Paloma Mena-Werth, right, a junior music education major from Kearney, teamed up to give the residents of Menís Hall a private planetarium show on Thursday, Feb 24. Bervin, a community advisor in Menís Hall, organized the show and Mena-Werth hosted it.

Community advisor gives residents out-of-this-world opportunity

Snow and gusting winds could have made star gazing difficult, but the residents of Men’s Hall didn’t have to worry about the weather.

Becky Bervin, a junior community advisor on the third floor of Men’s Hall, organized a special show at UNK’s planetarium exclusively for Men’s Hall residents on Feb. 24.   

Paloma Mena-Werth, a junior music education major and daughter of the planetarium director, hosted the show. She began with a brief overview of how the planetarium works for all those who have never been there before.

Mena-Werth then took the residents on an educational tour of the constellations in both the northern and southern hemispheres, showing how the night skies rotate around the North Star above Kearney and at the North Pole. Students shared binoculars to view what looked like a tiny smudge in the sky but was actually the Andromeda galaxy billions of light-years away.    

After the presentation, Mena-Werth put students behind the computers to see how all of the technology works, and even let them play with the lighting equipment.  

Around 30 students attended the show, making it a very successful program for Bervin.  Corinne O’Dea, one of the residents who attended the program, had only one complaint: “It was too short.”


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