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Creating 'The Carillon'
Jessica Eastburn
JMC 315
Photo by Jessica Eastburn
Carillon editor Jacob Sandman, a junior English major from Curtis, looks over submissions for the 2011 publication. Sandman said the committee is already looking over submissions for the magazine to be published near the end of April.

Campus prepares to publish magazine

For over 20 years, UNK and Sigma Tau Delta, the English honors society, have given students the chance to have their best literary works published in the campus literary magazine, “The Carillon.”  The magazine publishes works from all students, regardless of major or field of study.     

“You do not have to be an English major or minor to submit, we take works from all majors, all fields of study. Anyone who has a piece of literary work they are proud of should submit,” said Jacob Sandman, vice president of Sigma Tau Delta and editor of the 2011 “Carillon.”

The UNK chapter of Sigma Tau Delta has been in existence since 1924. The chapter voted on Jan. 17, 1934 to begin publishing a literary magazine.

“The editor and sponsor chose to name the first magazine ‘The Antler,’” said Jan Thompson, “The Carillon” advisor. “The name change came in the late 1970s or early 1980s.”

“This year’s edition is following in the footsteps of those previous,” Sandman said. “'The Carillon' is a great way to be published for the first time and for aspiring authors to get their names and works out there for people to read.”

Writers submit their works to a selection committee. After the selection committee reads the pieces submitted, they are passed onto the editor who has final say on what is published.

“Works are selected based on reader response from the committee,” Sandman said, “but editing and grammar do factor into what is chosen.”

As the vice-president of Sigma Tau Delta and the editor of “The Carillon,” Sandman has put many hours into making the publication successful this year. He began promoting “The Carillon” to the campus early in the fall semester by hanging posters around UNK, giving out submission information in each of his classes and urging everyone he knew to submit. Sandman is also in charge of assigning the committee to select the papers to be published.

He also works closely with the printing company to configure the layout of the magazine.

“I get to choose the cover art. In past years, the editor has been in charge of choosing a theme for the book, although this year’s edition will not have a specific theme,” Sandman said.

After the release of the magazine, Sigma Tau Delta will hold a release party for students whose works were submitted. At the release party, students who were published will receive a free copy of the literary magazine.

“The Carillon” is a great way for students to get their works out and to get published for the first time. It really helps people get used to publishing process, and we accept works from all areas of study and all majors,” said Sandman.


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