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Time to Start Planning for this Year's Big Event
Skylar Leatherman
Antelope Staff
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The Big Event happens at universities all over the country on the same day. It's a way for students to thank the community for what they do for the university.

Volunteer registration forms due March 2

Once a year, UNK students take a time-out from schoolwork to wash windows, plant trees, walk dogs, rake yards and offer just about every other service imaginable. It’s all for The Big Event. Forms to volunteer are out now and due by March 2 for the April 2 event.

The Big Event is a community service day, connected with over 70 other universities across the country. It originated at Texas A & M University as a way to give back to the local community.

Ali Titus, a sophomore math education major from Aurora, has begun organizing the Big Event at UNK this year as student government director of community relations.

“The Big Event is a day full of community service,” Titus said. “It gives students a chance to serve the Kearney community and give back for everything they do for us.”

Titus also said she hopes it is as successful as it has been in previous years. “Last year we had 430 students and 25 or 30 job sites. We are hoping for that again this year.”

Projects include picking up leaves for the elderly or helping businesses clean things up.

Students can participate in The Big Event by registering through student government, organizations or their residence halls to form their own work teams. Groups then get assigned for certain projects around Kearney.

Titus said that projects are usually day-to-day activities that are forgotten or employees simply do not have time for.

“Last year we helped Head Start by filling sand in the sand box,” Titus said. Some of the work done is short-term, like picking up trash along the roadside. But long-term projects can include painting curbs for the city.  

The event starts at 9:30 a.m. and lunch is provided at Harmon Park. It’s free to register and includes a free T-shirt.

Helping with a large event like this also helps students meet new people.  

“If you are in a group of people you do not know, then you get to meet people you’ve never known before and may not have the chance to meet otherwise,” Titus said.  “It’s the self-satisfaction for doing something for someone else. It’s a fun experience and you have a good time with other people.”


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