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UNK Intramurals offer fun fitness
Mike Cooley
Guest Writer

The weather outside is frightful, and — well, let’s face it. Our workout ethic isn’t too hot, either. It’s the new year, and that means there are around 10 million New Year’s resolutions saying that 2011 will bring in more workouts, a healthy diet and some shedding of pounds, of course. Or not to mention, the winning of the lottery and a bedroom at the Playboy mansion.  I think it’s safe to say that Hugh won’t be calling any of us asking for rent payment, and we won’t strike it big outside the local mini-mart either. We can, however, manage to keep control of what we’re eating and how we fit in our workout schedule.

Some may complain that school and work overrun their schedule too much for them to fit in some calorie-burning. Others may add that they don’t have a local membership, or they don't want to drive to campus just to wait for a turn on the elliptical. For all those mentioned, believe me when I say that I have the solution for you in just one word: intramurals.

It’s all there with team sports like basketball, softball, dodgeball, soccer and two-man (or woman) competition racquetball, badminton, or co-rec four-on-four volleyball. My personal favorites: odd-ball competitions such as inner-tube water polo and the always popular broomball madness tournament.

You can’t tell me that none of these interest you even in the slightest! Intramurals are also an excellent way to make sure you stick to it, providing a regular schedule of when you and your squad are to compete. And if by some chance you can’t find a group of friends to get the heart pounding with you, there’s still hope to keep those New Year's goals in tact.

You can fill out a form, which lets you become a “free-agent” and then be placed on a team looking for more players to help them bring home the championship, as well as the T-shirt. If playing hoops or swinging around the ol’ racquet with complete strangers isn’t your slice of pie, you can compete in solo one-day events, like the spring break 5k, disc golf, the home run derby or wrestling.   

Now let’s remember, it’s all in the name of fun, right? You can relax from all the sweat and soreness by kicking back and trying to win in one of the more mellow events that are offered: scrabble, pitch, some tenacious Texas Hold’em, foosball, ping-pong and the always popular Nintendo Wii tournament. For a full list of intramural events, go to and search intramurals, or stop by the intramural offices at the Health and Sports center.   

No matter your gender or interests, an intramural for you awaits. Whether you’re looking to compete and have a little fun or go for the gold in the A leagues, intramurals are an excellent way to keep yourself on track for those New Year's resolutions. Who knows, maybe with that new bod, Mr. Hefner will be callin’ for next month's rent after all.


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