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Dream becomes reality for Jose Perea
Nathan Heuer
JMC 215
Jose Perea

Although, he never had college in mind, he's ready to graduate with a job in Florida in place.

For Jose Perea, college was only a dream growing up. "Going to high school, college was never in my mind or vision or in my family's, it was only a dream that you see in the movies," Perea said.

During his sophomore year of high school, college became an opportunity to him because of the encouragement of another.

"I met a man, Benjamin Avila, at the time he worked in the Grand Island Public Schools as the multicultural director. He took me and my best friend under his wing and started showing us the resources to get into college," Avila also was made aware of the Peter Kiewit Scholarship. The scholarship is a full ride to college in education. "I was a candidate for the scholarship and got it, " Perea said.

When he was a high school senior and was looking at UNK for college, Juan Guzman and ended up being a key reason Perea decided on UNK. "I met with Juan Guzman, and he helped me get into UNK. Guzman, Perea said, has since become “my mentor, my friend, my dad away from home, and my compadre."

Perea earned his industrial distribution major. He has a job in place as a FastTrack MIT (Manager in Training). "I feel like it has been a big accomplishment and a never ending battle that I am about to conquer, and I still cannot believe I am about to graduate in two weeks with a job already in place with a big corporation," Perea said.

Perea will be moving to Florida in January to start his career. His goal is to eventually move up within the company," within five to ten years I plan to move up within the company and be in top management. By doing so, I would be able to better help my parents and family," Perea said.


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