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A Start to a Career Event Center and UNK center key to Favinger's Success
Blake Beideck
Antelope Staff
Dustin Favinger

For Dustin Favinger, a second year grad student after a master's degree in sports administration, graduation means the beginning of a career, and a new life.

“I've had a blast here, and it's been fun, but this will be my sixth year here with academics.  I'm just excited to see what the future will hold and how I can use my education in the career field,” Favinger said.

His first graduation "present" comes in the form of a highly regarded job opportunity at the Viaero Event Center.  He will be the youngest among his co-workers to accept this position.

Currently, he is director of group sales at the event center. He started as part of the promotion team when he was a sophomore, but over the years has gained the confidence and approval of the event center president Greg Shea.

“He's (Shea) helped me out quite a bit with my career.  He's given me a lot of chances to do new jobs and given me more responsibilities, so he's really opened the door in my career,” he said.

Favinger pioneered a marketing plan that has been dubbed “College Night” at the event center.  “With the college playing a huge role in the community from an economic stand point, it made a lot of sense to try to entice the kids, to get them to come to games,” he said.

Favinger is also a graduate assistant for Scot Fransk, the intramural director on campus.  He is in charge of supervising and scheduling for workers in Cushing.

With a career off to a promising start, a humble Favinger hasn't lost sight of the people who helped him on the road to success.  “The professor that helped me out a lot was Dr. (Juanita) Unruh.  She was my adviser and my point person I'd go to if I had a question or if I needed help,” he said.

One day he hopes to be an athletic director at a college.  “It would be great to live in Colorado and work for a college out there. That's probably my all-time dream or my biggest career goal,” he said.


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