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Luxford looks at life through lens of camera
Carissa Dillenburg
JMC 215
Lindsey Luxford

When Lyndsey Luxford was younger, she dreamed of being an actress and having part in a movie, but as graduation rapidly approaches, she would rather do something on the other side of the camera.  

Luxford, a journalism mass media major, is the daughter of Bill and Susie Luxford, who always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

“I look up to my parents a lot because they are such good people and they live to help out my brother and I as much as they can,” said Luxford. “Thanks to my parents' support I have been able to experience a lot. I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and interned this past summer in New York City.”  

Luxford lived on Long Island last summer.  “The commute to the city was so long,” Luxford said. It usually took her about two hours to get into the city. She had to beat traffic and transfer trains and do a lot of walking. However, she said what awaited her after the endless hours of traffic was well worth the hassle. MTV and News 12 Long Island opened doors for Luxford.

Luxford worked at News 12 Long Island on Mondays and Tuesdays. She worked in the production department. The editing room helped to expand her knowledge about filming. “I ran the robotic cameras, shaded the anchors and reporters, and was in charge of the microphones,” Luxford said. She also followed reporters around to see what reporting was really like.

The rest of her week through Friday, Luxford’s time was devoted to working for MTV.  At MTV, Luxford worked for the in-house off-air creative service department, including print and video production along with animation production. As a video production intern, Luxford was in charge of finding, logging and digitizing footage, which would then be passed on to the editors to create a video.

Luxford says she is ready to get out of the Midwest and move to either New York City or Los Angeles. In ten years, she hopes to see herself being a cinematographer or screen writer in one of these cities.

“My biggest challenge after graduation will be having to live on my own. I am a terrible cook,” Luxford said. She says that her skills in Spanish will help her outshine her competition in the film industry. “I am also a pretty dang hard worker if I do say so myself,” Luxford said.

After three years at UNK, three and a half years total of college, working almost every position on The Antleope, multiple internships, endless hours of homework, Luxford is finally ready to see what her future behind the camera holds.


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