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Otsuka grows with passion through music, more
Wataru Shiomitsu
JMC 215
Asami Otsuka
Photo by Teruhisa Takahashi
Asami Otsuka, right, traveled with the UNK band to Italy where she said she recognized the great power of music and learned that music has no borders. The band waited out a light rain in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in Rome.

Until she was a sophomore, music was her minor, but after she met Prof. David Nabb and was impressed with his passion for playing the saxophone, she changed her emphasis to saxophone and her minor to her major.

Otsuka said, “I really respect Dr. Nabb, not only as a professor but also a player. Though he had a handicap, he kept his intense passion for saxophone. I believe that a great musician must have great skills and passion, and he has both.”

Otsuka found adventure through her music as well. She went to Italy and London with the marching band. She met many different people in Europe and became friends with them through the events. She found music kept her excited.    

She said, “I had attended music concerts and events, but I had never felt the passion before I attended the parade. I understood music can pass across any borders. Every different country’s people can connect each other through music.” She recognized the great power of music in the through her travels.

A part-time job in Chartwells was an important part of her campus life since 2006,  and in spring 2009, she took a position as student manager. She learned to communicate with other workers as a manager.

She said at Chartwells, there are students from different countries. “I could not judge them by my Japanese way of thinking. So first I tried speaking and communicating with each worker to know each personality of each worker.”

Away from work, she sometimes makes Japanese food and eats with other workers, and they also make their own countries' foods for her on weekends. She believes it is the best way to communicate.

After she graduates, she is going to go back to Japan and look for a job. She would like to work with a foreign-affiliated company because she wants to work with English. She said, “My life at UNK helped me prepare to work and communicate with foreign people. I want to be a bridge between Japan and many other countries.”


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