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Travel back to 7 B.C., explore scientific mystery of Christmas Star
Austin Asay
JMC 318

On Dec. 17, a tradition going back more than 50 years will continue at the Bruner Hall of Science. Dan Glomski of the Grand Island Nature Center will host the final 2010 program, “The Christmas Star,” starting at 7 p.m.

“The Christmas Star,” a free 40-minute program, focuses upon the Christmas Star, but from a nonreligious perspective. The show centers on the Christmas Star based on scientific evidence.

“Many planetariums have gone away from the Christmas Star because of the religious aspects,” said planetarium director Jose Mena-Werth. “What we try to do to make it fair is to examine the star from an astrological point-of-view.”  

Mena-Werth says over the years, scholars have debated that the bright light was a comet, while others have thought it was a meteor or an exploding star.

“With the planetarium’s projector, we can turn the clock back so we can see the skies as they were 2000 years ago,” said Mena-Werth.


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