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Juelfs looks to earn back-to-back 'Male Participant of the Year' awards
Hunter Arterburn
Antelope Staff

From the first snap of intramural football of the fall, to the last pitch in intramural softball in the spring, one man was in all but two of the intramural sports during the 2009-2010 intramural season. Flag football, inner tube water polo, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball and 9-ball billiards, these are just a few of intramural sports that the 2009 “Male Participant of the Year” played  last year.

Lance Juelfs, now a sophomore, was a busy student his first year on campus. Though he isn’t a student-athlete at UNK, his schedule may make him look like one. He participated in all but two of the intramural sports offered. Not only did he participate, he succeeded. The Potter native was named “Male Participant of the Year” in intramural sports his freshman year. The only two sports that Juelfs did not participate in were broomball and wrestling. From the water to the gridiron, Juelfs showed off his talents in each sport. In his hometown, Juelfs was a top athlete in the region, playing football, basketball and golf for the Coyotes of Potter-Dix High School. After his success in high school sports, Juelfs wanted to continue his athletic career, so he joined UNK intramurals.

“Intramurals is huge for my fraternity, so I wanted to make a big impact and help win the championship,” Juelfs said.  In western Nebraska, Juelfs didn’t get a chance to play some of the sports offered by intramurals, like some of his favorites: inner tube water polo, or soccer. Juelfs was able to help out his fraternity this past season. Pi Kappa Alpha, had a very successful intramural season, winning five championships: dodgeball, inter-tube water polo, 9-ball billiards, around the world and softball.

Juelfs says he would absolutely recommend doing intramural sports to students who are looking for something to do or wanting to participate in an athletic event. It is a good way to get involved on the UNK campus. The best part about playing intramural sports, according to Juelfs, is playing and participating against a variety of individuals.

Juelfs returns for his sophomore year this year, and he will be right back out there playing more of his favorite sports and looking to earn back-to-back “Male Participant of the Year” awards. He said he will participate in all sports—except wrestling.


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