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Light at the end of the tunnel: Dead week signals the end of the semester for stressed students
Erik Dodge
Antelope Staff
Photo by Kaylie Perry
Morgan Nelson, a junior early childhood education major from North Platte, studies hard toward the end of the semester for a test in her next class. I am just trying to study hard and stay focused for the rest of the semester Nelson said.

After dead week, relief is only days away

As recently as last semester, the Deans Council sought to provide clarity to the finals week exam policy—better known as dead week.

Two semesters ago the Faculty Senate requested a definition for dead week. Now, surely the faculty received a definition, and it was much needed. I too have suffered at the cruel hand of uncertainty during dead week.

In my opening semester, the majority of my classes did not even meet. Imagine my surprise the following semester when I discovered I had skipped a week of classes.

I will leave it to your professors to explain the rules about when assignments can be collected and tests can be given, but I want to provide some clarity about what dead week means to students.

At universities across the country, a myriad of dead week traditions have been built throughout the years. Some have a primal yell where students open their windows and scream away the stress. Others schools are invaded by the marching band playing in the school library.

No matter the tradition or the school, dead week is a tipping point of sorts. A friend of mine, Jordan Gonzales, coined a term last week that best describes dead week—booyah point. The booyah point is that beautiful time of year when stress gives way to relief, frustration turns to joy, and a semester of work is transformed into a fond memory.

It is a time to study for finals, but also a time to relax and put the semester in perspective. Some will spend the week making up for months of procrastination; others will take advantage of matinee movie prices at one of the local theaters. Whether you prepare from a futon locked in your dorm room or the cushy seats of the Cinema 8, prepare to celebrate, because after dead week, relief is only days away.


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