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UNK Broomball
Hope Merrick
Antelope Staff
Photo by Blake Beideck
Photo by Blake Beideck
Photo by Blake Beideck
Photo by Blake Beideck
Photo by Blake Beideck

Anthony Chavez, a sophomore Construction management major from Omaha is once again playing broomball with intramurals. “It’s the best part of the year for me because it’s so much fun. This year we have 4 teams and were doing great.” He said.

This intramural game is played out at the Viaero Event Center here in Kearney. Games start around 11pm on week days. The teams can be all boys, all girls or co-ed. The players come in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sneakers to keep them worm on the ice during the event. They are also given knee pads, arm pads and a helmet to protect them from any falls or injuries that might happen during a game. The objective of the game is the exact same as any hokey game: to hit the mini soccer ball into the other team’s goal. Sounds easy, but just running across the ice is the hardest part. “I like to slide on the ice on my knees and “accidently” run into people so they fall over.” said Chavez. “It makes it that much more fun.”

For Chavez, this is his second year playing the broomball sport put on by UNKs Intramural office and he’s enjoying every second of it. His team this year is called “The Patrick Roys.” “There are around 12 men on our team and we’ve won one and lost one so far.” Unlike last year, Chavez has yet to have any accidents. “Last year when I was playing I had a boy take my legs out from under me and I landed straight on my back.” he told me. “Even through all of that, broomball is still worth it.”

Reporter Hunter Arterburn

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