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Let them eat cake
Kaylie Perry
Guest Writer
Photo by Kaylie Perry

Jillian Parker, a senior musical theatre major from Goodland, Kan., performs as Julia Child in "Bon Appétit" at the UNK Opera Workshop last Saturday. This year the students performed scenes from comic operas. "I loved doing this. It was so much fun to do something different," Parker said. Dr. Anne Foradori, UNK music and performing arts professor said "Bon Appétit" was written by contemporary American composer Lee Hoiby.  The text/libretto for the opera is a transcription of a Julia Child cooking show in which she is making a chocolate cake. Hoiby does not call the character "Julia Child," and although it's sometimes cast that way (a singer depicting Julia Child), they chose to develop a more generic "famous chef" for this production.  "That allows the actress to put her spin on this instead of trying to impersonate Julia Child," Foradori said.


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