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REZA: Illusionist visits campus, mystifies audience
Skylar Leatherman
Antelope Staff
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Reza allows his assistant to pass through his chest while he remains standing. It is later revealed to the audience that he was not able to move during the illusion. Reza performed on Nov. 11 at 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. in the Ponderosa Room of the student union. This is Reza's third consecutive year performing on the UNK campus.
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Inside the sealed envelope was a VHS tape with the exact time that an audience member had said was their favorite time of day. The tape revealed Rezas prediction that included all of the information that had been gathered from the live audience. The prediction was made in Denver, an audience members place they would like to go, at exactly 9:06 p.m.
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
At the beginning of the show Reza asked an audience member to watch this locked box to make sure that it remained untouched during the show. Reza said the box contained predictions that Reza had made three years earlier about something that would happen in the future.
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Reza asked the audience for information such as names, birth dates and favorite kinds of candy bars before revealing his prediction toward the end of the show. He also passed out paper and asked a few audience members to write down a place they would love to go on vacation and their favorite time of day. Inside the locked box was an envelope with the name of the audience member who had been randomly picked to help him on stage.

Reporter Jared Muzzey

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