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so-ran & sushi
Debbie Epping
Antelope Staff
Photo by Debbie Epping

Japanese students impress the crowd with a powerful and exciting "So-ran" dance at last year's Japanese Festival. The Japanese Festival is back and set for 5-8 p.m. Nov. 14 in the Ponderosa Room of the student union. Yusuke Matsui, a sophomore political science major from Mie Pre, Japan and president of the Japanese Association at Kearney (JAK) said his favorite part of the festival is the free food. This year the menu includes temaki-sushi, a kind of rolled sushi, okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style pancake, chocolate bananas and dangos, Japanese sweet dumplings. Matsui encourages everyone to attend the festival to learn more about Japanese culture and gain interest in Japanese activities such as calligraphy and origami.


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