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Doty listens to women who 'whisper'
Kaitlin Doty
Antelope Staff
Jake Jacobsen
Kaitlyn Doty

After Jake Jacobsen’s speech at the second annual Women’s Symposium on Nov. 2, I have found myself inspired, reminiscing on the past, changing myself for the future and realizing all the women that have truly impacted my life.

The Women’s Symposium, hosted by the Panhellenic Council of UNK, focused on different topics such as body image, women in the workforce, a male questionnaire panel, and this year, Jake Jacobsen’s inspirational speech of the “Life journey of women who impacted my life.”

Jacobsen, a senior lecturer in communication, told inspirational stories of women who have changed her life with words of wisdom, faith, guidance and support. Her stories were told in a way that engaged the audience, as if we were walking in her shoes. Her life journey became our journey.  

“Many women point their finger and say, ‘Hey I’m going to tell you this and you need to listen,’ but I want to talk about the women who ‘whisper.’ Women have a way of whispering to other women,” Jacobsen said.  “It is their way of saying I’ve walked in your shoes, and even though our times may be different, our outcomes are the same.”

She spoke of women who hold your heart close when you need them the most, women who have their way of whispering to you, one little whisper that can travel miles and miles. These women are women who change our lives— whether they are younger, older or our best friends who know us a little better than we think.

Jordan Alexander, a freshman elementary education major from Wayne said, “What inspired me the most was how, after everything that she has been through, she still seemed to keep a positive outlook on life when she could've so easily given up. When hard times hit her, she just picked up the pieces on her own and knew that she had to rely on herself to take care of herself and her family. I loved how strong of a woman she was and is.”

Her stories touched me and many of the women who attended the symposium. They touched me to the point that just in the past week I have noticed my life change. When I speak to people, I have taken the time to listen to them in a deeper way, I have taken my mother’s usual advice into account instead of shrugging it off as “mom talk,” I have thought back to the important women in my life and thought about words of wisdom they have taught me, and most of all I have come to respect and honor women such as Jacobsen more than ever.  

I have realized all these women who have come in and out of our lives are there for a reason, whispering to us for a reason. They are teaching us, enlightening us, inspiring us, caring about us, and most of all, showing us true love and compassion.

These women are speaking. Are you listening?


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