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AFTERdark brings light to campus
Skylar Leatherman
Antelope Staff
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Students promoted the event by wearing bright yellow shirts around campus to spread the word. They also participated in a Flash Mob which is when members of the group held the same position for 15 minutes to raise awareness.
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Joe White pounds nails into the cross as if they were holding Jesus. He shares the story of Jesus and explains what it was like to be in his situation.
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Joe White demonstrates the thoughts of a Roman soldier who is building the cross that Jesus died on. White explains that even the Romans were looking for answers about Jesus.

AFTERdark on Oct. 14 at the Health and Sports Center included a concert by well-known Christian recording artist, Dave Barnes, as well as a main speaker, Joe White.

White spoke about his family and his life struggles. He also performed a short drama while building a wooden cross on stage. In the drama, White acted as a Roman solider, representing struggles and thoughts that the solider could be thinking as he nailed the cross together.

White then shared about his life and his daily struggles. He explained that he is committed to God, and that is his passion.

Students were asked to write down a small letter to God to express thoughts from the event. The letters were then nailed to the cross that White made.

“I think it helped people who needed to hear the message,” said Sarah Skaff, a senior elementary education major from Norfolk.

About 1,000 students attended the event. AFTERdark is a ministry that travels around the country to college campuses.

Reporter Clayton Kush

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