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Letter to the Editor: Hernandez urges others to steer clear of texting and driving
Marina Hernandez
Photo from Internet
The texting while driving ban in Nebraska passed in April making it a so-called secondary offense, much like the seat belt law. Fines can reach $500.

I have chosen to write about the article entitled "New law cracks down on texting and driving" by Erik Dodge. I care about the issue because it affects everyone in our community, including my family and myself. Texting and driving is a serious issue that can affect an individual’s life traumatically, changing a life in seconds.

According to the article, driving while texting is considered distracted driving and caused many fatalities in 2009. A price can not be put on a person’s life, so I think the fine amounts of $200 for the first offense, $300 for the second and $500 for all succeeding offenses is accurate. Our society is changing. Individuals are texting instead of communicating verbally.

I think that rules and regulations need to be put into place to maintain order. Many individuals are not aware that a simple stare at their message can cause serious consequences. We all fall at some point or another, but I think that it is important to really evaluate ourselves and be aware that a selfish act can really put individuals in a position that they may not want to be in.


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