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Where do you like it? Risqué Facebook campaign raises breast cancer awareness
Hope Merrick
Antelope Staff
Photo by Hope Merrick
I could not figure out the statuses. I knew there was an underlying reason. It seemed a little off-color for some people I knew to be saying things like that, said Eric Buchman, a senior Spanish and ESL education major from Kearney.
Photo by Hope Merrick
I think it sounds like an interesting way to let people know what is going on and get their attention, said Blanca Vera Chavez, a sophomore Spanish education major from Guanajuato, Mexico.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the second year a suggestive Facebook game asks women to post what they usually like do with purses as their statuses. The message circulating around Facebook is aimed in support of breast cancer survivors.

This year, women are encouraged to post where they like to put their handbags the moment they get home. For example, women have posted suggestive messages such as “I like it on the couch, kitchen counter, the dresser” and so on.

Women were asked to put their answers as their statuses on Facebook with nothing more than the answer and then forward the Facebook message to all of their female Facebook friends. The message did not have to be suggestive.

Last year the women were asked to do a similar thing—post their bra colors as their Facebook statuses. This bra game made it to the news. The motivation to get the game going was the same—“Let’s see how powerful we women really are.”

Whitney Smith, a junior industrial distribution major from Allen, participated in the game. “I knew that it was for a good cause, and it’s a good laugh for all of us who play the game,” she said.

Smith did her best to be sure as many of her friends participated for Breast Cancer Awareness Month as possible.

Jacob Navrakal, a junior industrial distribution major from Pierce, also participated in an awareness campaign, but in a different way. Navrakal said he didn’t understand all of the Facebook statuses until a friend sent out a Facebook message of his own. He told the men that they were going to be doing the same thing as women— only put their statuses as places they like to “sing” to support testicular cancer.

"Right now my status is, 'I like to do it with my fraternity brothers in front of sorority girls,'" Navrakal said.

Some other statuses men posted were, “I like to do it by the fountain,” or “I like to do it before the game starts.”

All the hype is working.

“I Like It on Facebook” has been among the most popular recent Google searches. Facebook users like to play games with “statuses” to see if others will notice. In this case, the Google hits indicate people do notice, either for the cause, the
suggestive humor or both.

UNK students had a variety of opinions on the subject when asked what they thought of the Facebook statuses that have spread like wildfire.

Oct. 13, 7 p.m.
Student union, Room 312

Hear presenters from the Nebraska affiliate for Susan G. Koman for the Cure in Omaha talk about the ways in which breast cancer affects college-aged women and why monthly self-exams are so important.

“It’s aimed to fight the common misconception that breast cancer only affects older women,” said Meagan Smejdir, graduate assistant at the Women’s Center.


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