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Cupcake Shoppe offers delectable desserts
Brie Maaske
Antelope Staff
Photo by Brie Maaske
Photo by Brie Maaske
Hascall says that while she likes making wedding cakes, she also enjoys the sculptural cakes as well. The challenge of getting it just right makes it fun, she says. Cupcake Shoppe features new cupcake flavors each week. Customers can find out each week by becoming a fan of Outrageous Cakes on Facebook, or following them on Twitter.
Photo by Brie Maaske
Photo by Brie Maaske

Caramel Apple, Husker Soul, Tye Dye, Grasshopper and Venezuela.

All of these tasty delights, and more, are available at Cupcake Shoppe in downtown Kearney. The local business was opened to meet customer need, and their reputation is growing. They have even been invited to Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”

Cupcake Shoppe is the newest addition to the Outrageous Cakes family, located on 1923 Central Avenue.

“We had a lot of people who wanted something grab and go, and that’s why we opened up this shop,” said Heather Hascall, owner and cake artist of Outrageous Cakes and Cupcake Shoppe.

Outrageous Cakes has been a part of the pastry world for the last three years, but Hascall isn’t new to the baking scene. She worked jobs throughout high school and college in bakeries and candy shops, and she attended college on an art scholarship, which helps in her cake designs.

“It’s a lot of practice. It’s no different than art stuff. It’s just learning to manipulate the cake and the frosting and the different ingredients that we work with. It is a lot like sculptural art,” Hascall said.

“We got into the business end of it because people starting finding out that you could do this and you can do that, and then people start calling you.”

The shop’s creative work is in high demand in the Kearney area. “We have always been really busy with the cakes—the wedding cakes and the sculptural cakes, those in particular book out a year or more,” Hascall said.

Outrageous Cakes creates desserts for all events, from birthdays and retirements, to baby showers and graduations, but Hascall says weddings are her favorite.

“Weddings are a lot of fun for a couple reasons. First of all, you’ve got an excited couple coming in, and just watching their whole process of picking out flavors and their designs and talking about their families,” she said, “and then getting to finally see it all come together at the end because you know what you’re creating. You have snip-its of this and that of what they’re putting together for their wedding, but when you go to the reception to set it up and see it all done, that’s pretty fun.”

None of the cakes are started more than a week before the event, and depending on the size and detail of the cake, it can take that whole time.

“There will be weekends, when there is a large wedding or event, and it’s got a lot of detail work, that will be the only event that we will be able to handle that week. And there will be weeks where there will be a lot of smaller and more simple designs, and we will do a couple,” Hascall said.

Hascall runs Outrageous Cakes and the Cupcake Shoppe with her two sisters, husband, and 13-year-old daughter.

“My daughter likes making money, and she is very good at creative stuff, so sometimes when we need help with sculptural stuff, she’ll come in and help me,” Hascall said.

The Hascall Family’s hard work has paid off, and has gained the attention of the Food Network show, “Cupcake Wars.” “They called us just shortly after we opened up this shop, and of course it's fun that they called, but they were filming in September and October. We already had weddings booked, so there was no way that we could get out to do something like that right now,” Hascall said.

In addition to being invited to air on a national television show, Outrageous Cakes plays a part in giving back to the community.

“We are going to be doing a lot of donations for the breast cancer Simply Pink event. We will be doing orders of truffles. We will probably create some special pink truffles for that,” Hascall said.

Location: 1923 Central Ave.
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
Cost: $2.50 per cupcake or $20 per dozen
Specials: From 2-3 p.m. the shoppe has a cupcake happy hour which offers $2 cupcakes.


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