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Niday is hopeful for successful season: Loper soccer kicks off to a great start
Drew Hoselton
Antelope Staff
Photo by Drew Hoselton
Photo by Drew Hoselton

Marissa Niday, a sophomore business administration major from Fremont, is hopeful that in her team’s second season, they will be able to build a solid foundation for success.

Goalie Niday might be on to something as the Loper women’s soccer team has soared to a great start in the 2010 season. The lopers are currently 5-3.

In the program’s inaugural season, Niday, played 18 games as a freshman, starting in 17 of them logging a total of 1,620 minutes.

Although the team struggled throughout the year, Niday posted some impressive numbers with an RMAC leading 158 saves and a career high 18 saves against Colorado-Colorado Springs.

Not only is Niday active on the field, she is also highly involved in organizations on campus. Niday is currently president of the Society for Human Resource Management, a member of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and Lopermates.  She also participates in intramurals.

Q. What is the toughest part about being a goalkeeper?
A. The pressure you have to deal with.  You are the last line of defense, and there is a lot on your shoulders to make the save. One tiny mistake or mental lapse can result in a goal for the other team.

Q. Why is your passion in the goalkeeper position?
A. My coach put me in goal when I was in middle school, and I have been playing there ever since. I am a defensive-minded person, so goalkeeper is where I am most comfortable and feel I can contribute the most. Defense has always been my strength in sports.  That's why I love playing goalkeeper.

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
A. My biggest weaknesses are taking goal kicks and controlling the ball at my feet. I worked on these weaknesses throughout the summer to become a better all-around goalkeeper.  My biggest strength is my work ethic. I always work hard and give the extra effort to make myself —and the team— better. I feel I have also become a more vocal leader this year as far as organizing and commanding the field players.
Q. What gets your adrenaline going in a game?
A. My adrenaline seems to always be pumping when I'm in the goal, especially when I make an amazing save and especially when it is a close game. I am pretty intense on the field and really get into the flow of the game, so once the game starts I am pumped and ready to play.

Q. Do you have any pre -game rituals?
A. I have several pre-game rituals that I like to do before we take the field. I have to listen to my iPod before every game, because it gets me relaxed and pumped up. I always sit in the same exact chair in the locker room before our home games, and I always check the stands to make sure my mom is there— because she is my biggest fan.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish while playing soccer at UNK?
A. I hope to contribute to the UNK soccer program for all four years while at UNK—not only help establish a winning tradition, but a team tradition that the soccer program can carry for many years to come. I hope to make it to the RMAC Conference Tournament every year, and  of course bringing a national championship to UNK would be the greatest accomplishment of them all!



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