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Inspired by History: Brummels journals about impact of village where Guevara died
Sam Bates
Antelope Staff
Info graphic by Sam Bates

Brummels said the most fascinating part of his trip was visiting the village where Che Guevara, the subject of his thesis, was killed. The following is an excerpt from the journal he kept while he was there.

 “…As I glance up and over the black silhouette of the mountains, a fine line of gray is forming. I think of my quest to get here and what part of myself became so desperate to make this trip. Forty-two years, and 200 odd days ago, another man sat just almost exactly here, exactly in the same spot I sit here now and scribble. If his hands were free, and he had pen and paper, what words would he massage into thoughts? Was he conscious, or were the two bleeding holes in his arm and leg and the emaciated state of his body keeping his senses dulled, drifting in and out of consciousness, as the sun rose over those same mountains?”

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