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VMA's: Fab or Fail?
Bethany Shinn
Antelope Staff
Photo by Bethany Shinn
I thought Chelsey Lately was rude, and it made me feel uncomfortable. I feel like they just had no idea what they were doing, and the performances were not impressive, said Nicolle Sautter, a junior elementary education major from Grand Island.
Photo by Bethany Shinn
I dont even know where to start. They were trying too hard to make it epic, but they failed miserably, said Olivia Christensen, a sophomore industrial distribution major from Fremont.

When you think of MTV’s Video Music Awards, what comes to mind? Is it Lady Gaga’s ridiculous outfits, Kanye’s foolish antics, or Britney and Madonna’s controversial kiss? 

Unfortunately the greatest thing that will be remembered from this year’s show is going to be the Jacuzzi scene with the cast of Jersey Shore.

When asking people around campus what their thoughts were about the show this year, it was an overall consensus of disappointment. We can now sit and cross our fingers that next year, it will be more worth our Sunday night.  

Reporter Jacki Chandler

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