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Big 12 is history; Hoselton says, 'Say it ain't so'
Drew Hoselton
Antelope Staff

Friday June 11, 2010 was a big day this offseason for the Big 12 and especially the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  This date marked the official approval of Nebraska’s transfer from the Big 12 to the Big 10.

Starting next year, Nebraska will compete in a subdivision of the Big 10 conference against Iowa, Michigan, Northwestern, Minnesota and Michigan State. Nebraska will also have a cross-division rivalry with Penn State each year.

Nebraska’s move to the Big 10 has been a popular debate with Husker fans since the decision was officially approved. Fans have expressed both positives and negatives to staying in either conference.

Steve Farrens, a senior sports administration major from Elyria, believes the transfer to the Big 10 is a great move that will benefit the Huskers. “Everything is run through Texas, ”Farrens said. “Playing in the Big 10 means more money for our program, better competition, more notoriety throughout the country…the only downside is having a ‘rivalry’ with Iowa.”

Jason Arens, a senior sports communications major from Springview, is also in favor of the conference shift. “Texas wouldn’t equally share money or give up TV rights. They believe they own the Big 12,” Arens said. “Nebraska thought they deserved better. They saw the instability of the Big 12 and the great opportunity in the Big 10, and I’m glad they acted.”

Growing up in the Midwest I have always been a Big 12 fan, and losing Nebraska to the Big 10 is definitely a big deal. Nebraska has always been the powerhouse of the Big 12 North, and with them leaving I don’t feel the competition level in the North is going to be very good. I understand that the money was too good to pass up and rather than always being put behind Texas and Oklahoma, Nebraska will be the team to beat in the Big 10.

This debate also features downsides to changing conferences. Die-hard Nebraska fans frequently comment on losing the respected rivalry against the University of Oklahoma and University of Missouri. With the exception of Ohio State, the Big 10 has been a bit of a laughingstock for the past decade, whereas the Big 12 has been in national title contention nearly every year.

However you want to look at it, the Big 12 was not a good fit for the Huskers, and they finally got the out they were looking for. A lot of fans knew this would eventually happen, but I don’t believe any of us saw it coming in the abrupt fashion that it did. So long to the Big 12 and hello Big 10.


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