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Bongo Ball Mania: Capture the flag takes a new twist
Ashley Clatterbuck
Antelope Staff
Photo by Ashley Clatterbuck
Photo by Ashley Clatterbuck
Photo by Ashley Clatterbuck
Bjorn Lund
Photo by Ashley Clatterbuck
Blaine Orozd
Photo by Ashley Clatterbuck
Paul Tompkins

Teams of five players each competed in Bongo Ball Mania from 3-9 p.m. last Friday at the Bell Tower Plaza. The Loper Programming and Activities Council sponsored the game in which teams try to advance in a battlefield of flying Nerf balls and random obstacles while also playing a faster, more intense game of capture the flag.


  • Each player must use their own gun.
  • No firing before the music starts.
  • If you get hit ANYWHERE, you're out!
  • Only use one "bullet" at a time.
  • You can only hold onto as many Nerfs as you can hold in your hand.
  • You can roam anywhere on the course. 

(Third on right)
Q. What was your favorite part of the Bongo Ball course?
A. “Being able to dodge, duck, and get behind the barriers.”
Bjorn Lund
Junior chemistry major from Kearney

(Fourth on right)
Q. How did your form your team?
A. “No one was scheduled for the 3:30 p.m. time slot, so I ran around Men’s Hall and gathered like 12 guys to compete.”
Blaine Orozd
Senior recreational management major from Genoa

(Fifth on right)
Q. Did your team work well together?
A. “We didn't really. It is kind of an every man for himself type of thing.  We did concentrate on going around the outsides, so they couldn’t get behind us and hit us.”
Paul Tompkins
Junior criminal justice major from O'Neill


Video by Brett Miller

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