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'Brain Guy': Don't wait for miracles — take action
Kaylie Perry
Guest Writer
Photo by Lyndsey Luxford
Jerry Christensen, also known as The Brain Guy, is making his mark across the country, riding his bike. Christensen started the 2010 Recovery is Now Tour to give hope to people who have been give up on. Christensen started his adventure in May of this year in Logan, Utah, and his expected finish date is in November 2011 in San Diego.
Graphic by Sarah Epping

The man who calls himself “The Brain Guy” visited UNK last Wednesday to present “Recovery Is Now” as one of his stops on his bike tour.

 It all started when Jerry Christensen was riding his bike down a mountain, lost control at 25 mph and went tumbling all the way down.  

“I don’t remember the fall, but I do remember them showing me my helmet, and it had a two- inch crack in it,” Christensen said.  

Christensen was then diagnosed with severe brain damage and was told he would never walk again.  

“The doctors and my family told me that I would never go to school or do anything the rest of my life,” Christensen said.  

Instead, he told himself that he could do it and attended colleges all over the country and finally got his degree.  

He now is the CEO of a company called Brain Shift Foundation.  His foundation works with people with conditions and diseases that are “incurable” such as, seizures, paralysis and even post-traumatic stress disorder and gives them hope that they too can beat the problem and get better.

May 1, 2010, Christensen started a 17-month long bike tour by himself around the country to raise awareness and money for his foundation.  

“I have only stayed in a hotel one night, and all the other nights I use a website called where you can find houses where people will let you stay on their couch for the night.”

His tour is sponsored by Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Sports Authority, and he is being followed by Guinness World Records. Christensen has started a blog so that people can follow him on his trip across the country and hear his stories along the way.  “If I leave you with one thing, it would be to stop sitting around waiting for miracles and take action,” Christensen said.

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