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Former student taking music career to next level
Bethany Shinn
Antelope Staff
Courtesy Photo
Nat Runge had his first official photoshoot at the beginning of August. You can find more from his photoshoot on his Facebook page.
Courtesy Photo
Nat Runge plays with two friends at an acoustic set at Knickerbockers in downtown Lincoln toward the end of August. They are scheduling another show at the same location on Sept. 28 with a full band.

College students often talk about their dreams and goals in life and feel defeated by how impossible the goals might be to obtain.  

Nat Runge didn’t listen to those people. After working toward a music business degree here at UNK for three years, Runge knew he wanted something more.

With only two semesters left to graduate, Runge packed his bags, and moved to Omaha to pursue his music career.

“I just couldn’t wait any longer to get started on my music, and move to a bigger city with more opportunities to do music,” Runge said.  

Turns out, this may have been the smartest career move Runge could have made as he just released his first single on iTunes and has popular music profile pages on Facebook and MySpace.  

“At this point I just recorded the new single “Your Only One” a few months ago at Warship Records in Omaha. I am currently recording many other songs right now and writing new ones weekly—I'm just working on promoting the single and myself as much as possible and booking shows around the Lincoln and Omaha area,” Runge said.  

Runge said music always inspires him and keeps him going. “There are many things that inspire me to do what I do with my music. The biggest part for me is the music itself. I found over the years that there’s one thing that’s never let me down, always been there to keep me on my feet and make me feel like nothing else matters. I can pour my heart and soul into the music, and it can never let me down.

"I found a way to express myself and my feeling that I never thought would be possible. There’s nothing else that can give me the feelings that I find when I listen to great music. I like to think that my music is a soundtrack to my life.”  

Runge was born and raised in Kearney, and has always had an awesome support system of family and friends.  

“When it comes down to why I do it—it’s my family, my friends, the people I love. My mom is my biggest fan; she’s the one who pushes me to be the best I can be. She’s the reason I have to opportunities to do what I do today, and without her I don’t want to know where I would be. She’s made me the person I am today. My mom, my mentor. My whole family has always supported me in every decision Ive ever made and anything that Ive wanted to do. They mean more to me that anything else in the world and I want to be able to someday give them back everything they have ever given me and so much more,” Runge said.

Still, his favorite part is performing, Runge said.

“There’s always been one thing that I love about music, and it’s the feeling of a live show. The rush of the crowd, the energy in a stadium or venue, how you can feel the bass and beat pounding throughout your whole body. Not only can you hear the music and see it, but you can feel it. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.”

What is in store for his future?  He plans on eventually moving to Nashville to further pursue his music, and hopes to record a full-length album very soon.  

Runge has taken the biggest risk of his life to pursue his dream, and hopes to inspire other people to do the same. “Someday soon I want to know what it feels like to stand on a stage in front of thousands of people and hear them screaming back to me the words of my own song. I hope to hear that my music has affected their lives in the way that it has touched mine.”    

Want to hear more?  Check Runge’s new single, “Your Only One” now available on iTunes here.  You can also find him under Nat Runge on Facebook and MySpace music.  For more information, you can contact Runge at


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