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Toga party at the Hilltop: Poney up $1.06 to see 'Animal House'
Brie Maaske
Antelope Staff
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Kent Dorfman, member of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity, butts heads with school administration in the 1978 film Animal House directed by John Landis. In 2001, the United States Library of Congress deemed Animal House culturally significant.


It’s the start to a new year, and in effort to ease a little bit if the pain, Hilltop 4 is throwing a toga party Sept. 10, with a special showing of the college classic, "Animal House.”

“We thought it would be a fun back to school thing, because ‘Animal House’ kind of represents how it is at school,” said Becky Johnson, general manager of the Hilltop 4 and Kearney Cinema 8.

“I sat down with Murphy in the Morning, and he and I brainstormed and got an idea to do this,” Johnson said. “We thought that it would be a big hit with the college kids, and it’s an older movie. If they haven’t seen it, it kind of brings them in.”  

Hits 106 has played a large part in advertising the toga party and will be on location the night of the event.

“The ticket price is going to be $1.06, which is for Hits 106,” Johnson said. “They’re there to have some fun and help us promote this.”

Students don’t have to wear togas in order to get the special rate, but there are benefits for those who do.

“One of the prizes is an ‘Animal House’ board game, we are going to out a free combo, and Hits 106 is going to give out some things as well,” Johnson said.

“Animal House” is about two rival fraternities—Omega Theta Pi and Delta Tau Chi, at Faber College in 1962. Omega Theta Pi is clean-cut and a little bit snotty, and Delta Tau Chi is the party house.

The movie plays with the conflict between the dean of the college who wants to get the Deltas kicked off of the campus and the “goody two shoes,” the Omegas. Along the way, the ensuing chaos includes pranks, food fights and parties, including the infamous toga party.

The Hilltop 4 has put on Fright night and special showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in honor of Halloween in the past and has talked about doing Christmas specials in the future.

“We are going to see how it goes with this, and if it is a hit then we are going to keep trying to do it,” Johnson said.


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