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Fresh start with new faces
Ryan Seefus
Antelope Staff

As most new students around UNK get acclimated to college life in Kearney, there are 13 new student-athletes trying to find their place in the UNK baseball program.

The one-time hopeful recruits have signed their life away in various stacks of paperwork, and now it’s time for the coaching staff to see where the latest additions stand.

With one week of practice in the books and eight more to go before Christmas break, the coaching staff is feeling confident they picked a good crop.

“We brought in a very talented recruiting class. It is one of our deepest classes we’ve had in the past few years,” said head baseball coach Damon Day.

With some guys proving they have the ability to help the team win this year and others showing huge potential for future Loper teams, Day is optimistic about this group.

“They give us a tremendous amount of opportunity to be very successful and help continue the tradition of UNK baseball,” Day said.

But the recent player additions aren’t the only new pieces added to the team this year; the baseball program has added new members to the coaching staff as well. Two of the new coaches are past Loper standouts—Tre Howell and Nate Swearer.

“The thing that I am most proud of with this year’s coaching staff is that every one of our coaches has played for me,” Day said.

The Loper skipper has put together a supporting cast of coaches that understand the expectations and live for UNK baseball.

Because the assistant coaches have been under Day’s tutelage as a player, they have a close bond with the head honcho and an elevated commitment to the program.

“It shows a great deal about not only what the program gave to the coaches but now what those coaches are willing to give back to the next generation of UNK players,” Day said.

With many fresh faces sprinkled throughout the Loper baseball program, one constant remains—win the RMAC championship.


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