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Top Friends' Moments: After 10 years, 'Friends' still impacts culture with witty humor and classic comedic moments.
Nichole Hansen
Antelope Staff

They have been our friends for over 10 years, through all of the good times and the bad times in our lives. Always there for a good laugh, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe are still making an impact today with their hit comedy "Friends." Among the most die-hard fans, Dana Wright and Erin Gudmundson still recall to this day their favorite classic episodes and why they are still memorable.

Gudmundson, a senior tourism and travel major from Kearney, knew right away what "Friends" episode would remain her favorite until this day. “My most memorable Friends moment was the episode when Monica and Chandler got married. Chandler was getting cold feet, nervous because Joey, one of his best friends and roommates for years, was still not there. He needed to take a little breather, so he left the church to get some air.

“When he left, he did not tell anyone.  The rest of the group did not know what to do and did not want to tell Monica because they knew that she would freak out. This moment was hilarious because Chandler was gone, and everyone was just freaking about a vest through the whole episode.

“At the end Chandler came back and Joey showed up to marry them. All in all it was a funny and heartwarming episode, still one of my favorites till this day.”

Wright, a UNK graduate in business administration with a marketing emphasis and a minor in visual communications and design from Albion, however, had a different  episode that was memorable to him. “One of my favorite episodes was 'The One with the Halloween Party.'" Chandler dresses as a huge pink bunny rabbit because his costume got mixed up at the costume shop, which was just hilarious.

"The other funny thing in this episode was Ross’s costume. Ross was supposed to be sputnik, so he dressed up wearing a potato suit with a metal antenna hat. Everyone at the party thought he was a pile of poop. I don't think that I stopped laughing through this entire episode."

So not matter what your age is or your major "Friends" always creates those memorable comedic moments that are a timeless treasure.

Did you know?

•David Schwimmer directed several episodes.
•The monkeys who played Marcel actually played the monkey in the movie "Outbreak."
•Throughout the run of the series, 27 episode titles reference Rachel, 23 reference Ross, 15 reference Joey, 10 reference Chandler, 10 reference Phoebe and 8 reference Monica.
•Over 5 miles of film were used for every episode. Making 12 hours of footage cut down to 22 minutes.
•If all went well, it took 5 hours to film an episode.


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