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Music stories impact industry in last decade
Shelby Nelson
Antelope Staff
Courtesy: Google Images

What was the top music story of the last decade?  Was it Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs?  Or maybe it was the death of Michael Jackson?  The last decade offers endless events, stories and moments to remember that changed the music industry forever.

Music downloading became the way to get music in the last 10 years and also became a huge story that continues to cause problems for the music industry.  Jessica Ripple, a senior education major and music fan from North Platte, remembers when illegal downloading became such a big issue. “I heard kids from college campuses across the country were getting slapped with lawsuits because they had downloaded music illegally, and that made me think twice about illegal downloading.”

Sophomore social work major and musician Kimberly Dusatko of Doniphan thinks the reason illegal downloading became so popular is because “it is easy, fast and free.”  With the ease of illegal downloading, this story is sure to continue into the next decade. With sites such as iTunes and Rhapsody, illegal downloading is decreasing, but the problem of illegal downloading will always be relevant in the music industry.   

Another important event in the last decade was the invention of the iPod.  The iPod allowed people to download all of their music on to one device.  Ripple calls her iPod “the best investment I ever made.”  With illegal downloading such a problem, Apple launched iTunes to complement the iPod. Now consumers can get on iTunes, buy a single song and put it on their iPods.

No discussion of the last decade would be complete without talking about Michael Jackson’s death.  Jackson’s death sent shockwaves through not only the United States, but, the entire world.  Ripple says, “It was shocking to hear that MJ died, especially since he was planning a comeback tour that looked like it was going to be an awesome event.” Jackson’s death resulted in 24/7 news coverage and as Ripple says, “Just like 9/11, I will always remember where I was when I heard Michael Jackson died.”

One of the greatest rock bands of the last few decades went on a reunion tour in 2009 to celebrate their 35th anniversary, treating fans from around the world.  “Well, it may not be a significant event to other people, but it was something I hoped would happen after their farewell tour,” KISS fan Ripple said. “KISS has been around since the ‘70s, and they have been an influence on how many artists set up their acts on stage.”  The tour went on to gross $30.5 million in just three months and was one of the most anticipated tours of the year.

"This is American Idol." This phrase has echoed out of television sets all over the country for the last nine years impacting both the music industry and the television industry.  Ripple thinks 'American Idol' is a way for singers to gain instant fame and also created a whole new genre of reality TV shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance” and “America’s Got Talent.”  Dusatko says, “It’s cool that people that never really had a chance in the music business are given a shot through the show.”

These stories in the last decade changed the music industry forever.  From illegal downloading to “American Idol,” the last decade is sure to never be forgotten and will go down in history.  One can only wonder what the next decade will bring.

Check out KISS' current tour schedule.


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