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Loper of the Week: Dane Tobey
Jordan Hoff
Antelope Staff
Courtesy Photo

Dane Tobey is one of greatest throwers in Loper history. He is a 5-time All-American and has already qualified for the 2010 NCAA Outdoor Championships in May. Tobey is the school record holder in the discus, ranked second in the shot for outdoors and ranked third in the shot indoors. He has battled injuries during his career but is healthy and ready to take on tough challenges this season. Right now Tobey is preparing to compete for a national championship in shot put.

GRADE: Redshirt Junior
Health and P.E. 7-12

What does being a 5-time All-American mean to you?
I think it shows that I have been surrounded by a good group of people throughout my athletic career. I have three older brothers who all went to college to play baseball, so coming from an athletic household I learned how to compete at a young age. I was lucky enough to have a high school coach in the throwing events who had done it before and was successful. Coach Meyer has been an absolute key to my success here in the shot and discus. So it means a lot to me because I’ve taken bits and pieces of my athletic life and used them to be successful in track and field. It’s not just me who can take credit for that. The people who helped me also get credit.

What are your personal goals for the spring?
My goals for the spring are to continue to get better each and every week in the weight room and in the ring. To be a teammate that pushes the people around me to get better. Also, I want to add two more All-American trophies to the list, and I want to be in the hunt to compete for a national championship in both the shot put and discus.

What do you have to do to win the discus and shot put national championships in May?
I have to get better every week, both in the weight room and in the ring. It’s not going to be easy. I have to beat the best guy to ever throw the indoor shot put in Division II track and field. I’d say that’s a tough challenge but one I look forward to taking on. In the discus I have to face off against strong competition and a two-time Division II national champion. So again, a tough challenge that I want to take on.

How have you been able to battle back and still be so successful despite injuries last year?
Injuries have played a big part in two of my years here at UNK. My body is fixed up now, and I’m getting stronger. The reason I’ve been successful is because I hate losing more than anything. I’m determined to work to be the best I can be, and I’ve had success because of the people around me, like the training staff, coach Meyer, my teammates and my family, who all push me to get better. I think to be successful you can’t be satisfied with getting beat.  You prevent that through hard work, dedication and a desire to be the best.

What was been the biggest highlight of your career at UNK?
Hopefully it hasn’t happened yet. I want to win a national championship so bad. To this point in my career I would say becoming an All-American for the first time, when I did it as a freshman in the discus. The other great moment was this indoor season when I broke the shot put record held by Lance Pfeiffer, a great friend and teammate of mine for my first two years at UNK, with him in attendance. That was special to me because I look up to Lance and he pushed me to dedicate time and effort to track.


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