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Tom Osborne: A true champion on the field, in education
Travis Borchardt
Antelope Staff
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Tom Osborne is one of the winningest coaches in college football history with 255 wins in 25 seasons with the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He served as a U.S. Representative and is now the University of Nebraska- Lincoln Athletic Director.  So what does he say is a key to being a true champion– academics.

“Performing well on the field is important, but so is performing in the classroom,” Osborne says.  Osborne has always viewed education as a top priority. It is obvious that his view has not changed at all now that he is head of the Cornhusker Athletic department. Osborne says that, “if a student-athlete does not graduate, we have failed.”

Osborne has also brought an emphasis on making a meaningful contribution to society and to the university.  Under his guidance, each athletic team is required to complete two community service projects each year. They can pick from mentoring students, speaking to kids, visiting hospitals and others. “We want to put an emphasis on sound behavior on and off the field, and our athletes have done very well at both.” Osborne says that they want to create a willingness to serve and contribute to society.

So, what can we learn from arguably one of the most honorable and respected coaches in the country? While winning is important, an education and a willingness to serve are two huge parts of being a true champion.

Tom Osborne
UNL Head Coach (1973-1997)
•National Champions 1994, 1995, 1997
•65 Academic All-Americans, the most in college football history. The second most is held by Notre Dame— 50 selections since 1952.
•Last five teams had the best five-year record in college football history
Three Term U.S. Congressman (2000- 2006)
Athletic Director 2007-Present
Three Term U.S. Congressman (2000- 2006)
•Sponsored 29 bills between 2001-2006
•Co-sponsored 475 bills in the same period.
•All 25 teams Osborn coached went to a bowl
•All 25 teams won at least nine games
•15 of his teams won 10 or-more games
•Class of 1999 Hall of Fame inductee


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