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Not your typical winter break: Team of UNK students volunteer in Haiti before quake
Skylar Leatherman
Antelope Staff
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Photo by Skylar Leatherman
Photo by Skylar Leatherman

LEFT: A team of eight UNK students traveled to Haiti from Dec. 31 to Jan. 6 to help those in need. The students, Mark Rauert, Josh Johnson, Brock Blankenship, Liz Petto, Maiko Oku, Chloe Burroughs and Skylar Leatherman hiked up a mountain to take supplies to a village at the top. The strenuous four-hour hike, takes Haitians two hours, many without shoes.

The children from the House of Hope orphanage received new Bibles and matching shirts from the team. There are 17 children at the orphanage, ranging from ages one to fifteen.

The team put on Vacation Bible School for children from the Orphanage and from the local community. They sang songs, played games and made beaded cross necklaces. The language barrier made it hard to explain things, especially because they speak Haitian-Creole, a mixture of several different languages.


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