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Art ed major enjoys pushing her limits and imitating reality
Jessica Kenyon
Antelope Staff
Photo by Jessica Kenyon
Senior art education major Rivkah Addy with a piece of her artwork.

Senior art education major Rivkah Addy says art has changed her life, and she believes it can change the lives of others. She says the best part about art is that it is a forever, living life form. “It will always exist and will continue to change lives and motivate people for the best. I think the best thing about my art is the stark contrast and hopefully close replication of reality.”

Addy is ready for the changes her graduation will bring. She wants to relax a little bit and spend time with her family Along with school and married life, Addy works part time and is involved in a public Bible ministry. She lives a very busy life. “Most people wouldn’t expect that I want to finish school as soon as possible, so that I can spend more time enjoying things like running to the store for milk with a moment’s notice or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning with no major stresses to overpower the moment,” Addy said.

When did you get into art?
Probably a few months after I was born. Really though I have always had an interest in art and focused on it throughout my life.

Is there someone or something that inspired you?
My dreams—the things I wished to do throughout life and all the things I saw around me in nature. My mom and dad always encouraged me to create so, in many ways they were my inspiration also.

What kind of artwork have you completed?
Throughout my college career I have focused on drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and most of all—printmaking. I have also recently become involved in graphic design type work, which I think is really fun.

Why do you enjoy art?
I enjoy art because it expresses something that my mouth and words cannot. It is fun to do, exciting to watch others do and awesome to see how people react to it. Art can take one to places that he or she may never be able to go in reality. It also allows us to make our history remembered forever. It is a means to create wonder!

What do you do it for?
I like to focus on reality. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit and seeing how closely I can imitate reality and nature in my art work.

Is this something you want to pursue after school?
Definitely! I will continue to do many forms of art for myself personally and hopefully for others. I am also going to be a teacher, so hopefully I can persuade others to see the importance of art and the joy that it can bring to life.

What are some goals you are working toward?
One goal that I am working toward is showing my art in more galleries. I think that if I develop a large enough collection I may be able to do this. I enjoy seeing how others react to my work.

What is the best part about art in general and about your art specifically?
The best part about art is that it is a forever living life form. It will always exist and will continue to change lives and motivate people for the best. I think the best thing about my art is the stark contrast and hopefully close replication of reality.

Do you believe there is art in everything?
I believe that there are principles and elements of art in everything, but I do not believe that everything is art. Art is beautiful, but to me not all things are beautiful. It reminds me of the saying, “If all things are beautiful then nothing is.”
Do you have a favorite piece of art?
One of my favorite works of art is the “David” by Michelangelo. The story is biblical, but the reason I love it is because of his perfect replication of a man’s body. His use of line and his skill in sculpture makes my jaw drop. I love to be awestruck by art and that piece fulfills that desire.

What else are you interested in?
I am interested in nature a great deal. I love hiking and pushing myself to the limit through long hikes and backpacking trips. I enjoy visiting big cities like London, New York and Paris. I have visited all these places and hope to see more and learn more about the cultures of different nations. I am also interested in the art form of glassblowing. I hope that one day I will have some free time to learn that skill.

Is there anything that helps you decide what you want to create?
Nature, my friends and especially my family members help me get thinking about what my next project will entail. I am visual, so I usually look through pictures or walk around outside for a while.


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