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Is possible free parking really 'free?'
Tanya Maloley
Antelope Staff

There has been a growing concern about the parking at UNK on for a while now.

I have been attending this university since fall of 2007. Before it wasn’t a big issue, but now with Antelope and Nester built, it is hard to find a decent parking spot for students. I realize they were going to make Follett’s Bookstore into a parking lot, which is a great idea, but when will this happen?

I am happy to see they are changing one thing about the parking: the cost. I have had a parking permit all three years I have been here. These past two years I have found it pointless to have a parking permit and A waste of money. If I were to ever come back late at night, I would have to park in the streets, like most of the other college students.

The only concern I have with the “free parking” is if it is just going to add on to the bill for college. They might say free now, but when you get ready to pay the bill hopefully it doesn’t say parking on it so that everyone has to pay.
I know that I am not the only student on this campus who thinks there should be something done about parking. Hopefully in a couple of years there will be a change to this issue.


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