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Spartacus slashes his way onto your TV
Nate Britton
Antelope Staff

Viewers and network executives exclaim “live, live, live” as the classic tale of the Republic’s most infamous rebel comes to life in the graphic new series, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" —a Starz series that’s on at 9 p.m. on Sundays. I say thumbs up to this heroic tale.

Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) is a Thracian who was betrayed by the Romans after pledging his allegiance to help them in battle to drive back the Getae and make his land safe again. Instead the Roman Commander decides he wants greater glory that can be gained only by heading east to battle the forces of Mithradates, leaving the Thracian land wide open for pillage.

Spartacus leads a mutiny against the commander and manages to make it back to his wife in time to save her from a band of Getae warriors. However, his entire village was laid to waste before he got there, and they had to go on the run. Spartacus and his wife were eventually caught by the Roman Commander, he was condemned to die in the arena, and his wife was sold into slavery.

Spartacus was sent to Capua where he was supposed to meet his end by four trained gladiators. However, he slashes and stabs his way through all four men and keeps his life, because the crowd is so pleased they start to chant “live, live, live.” This sets the tone of the show, because he is then sold to a Ludus who trains gladiators to fight in the arena. Spartacus goes on a blood-crazed rampage in his battles, because he is told he could win back his wife and the life that was stolen from him.

In the following episodes, viewers watch as everything Spartacus once believed in changes dramatically because of lies, deceit and betrayal from the people he thought he could trust. Right before your eyes

Spartacus evolves from a wife-loving Thracian into a bloodthirsty gladiator. After defeating the unbeatable opponent, he steps into the shoes of beloved hero of Capua.

The show has graphic violence, extensive profanity and strong sexual content to accurately depict Rome around 73 B.C. Anyone who watches the first episode will find it hard to wait an entire week just to see the next episode. The series premiered Feb. 22, 2010. In December 2009, the show was renewed for a second season before the first even premiered. I recommend everyone start watching the hit new series “Spartacus:

Blood and Sand” so you can be caught up before the second series takes off.


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