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Student has beef with campus parking tickets
Brittney Folkers
Antelope Staff

Parking at UNK is the most ridiculous thing I have come across.

UNK parking services charge $50 for a parking permit, and you are not even guaranteed a parking spot. Campus police sell the parking lots to 110 percent capacity, so if you are unable to find a spot, you can either drive around forever looking for a spot on the street or take a $20 risk and park in a different zone.

As if the university does not get enough money from the students from fees, raised tuition and overpriced food, they also have to charge $20 for a non-moving violation and double it after 14 days. This is absurd. The Kearney Police don’t even charge that much, nor do they double the ticket.

I think it would be very interesting to see how much money the university brings in from student parking tickets. Students are the last people on campus who should be targeted for inflated parking tickets.

From what I have experienced and from what I have seen, the new circle drive by the library is a huge source of income for the parking services. There is no sign that says “No parking” or yellow line on the curb. So how in the world are there so many tickets written every day for this? I swear that every time I drive by the library, there are at least 10 cars sitting there with a ticket on the windshield. That would be at least $200 per day, not including those students who forgot to pay and have to actually pay $40.

So what is the reason for the excess tickets and no sign to warn students not to park there? They say they don’t want to ruin the aesthetic appeal of the landscape.

So be aware of where you are parked, because even if there is no sign, yellow paint or other warning, you could get a $20 or larger ticket from the institution that has already taken thousands.


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