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Defining a true champion with Coach Russ Martin
Travis Borchardt
Antelope Staff
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What is a true champion? Is it the person left standing at any cost, is it the one with the most rings on his or her fingers at the end of a career, or is it something more? For the next four weeks we will search for the answer through the eyes of some very familiar coaches and athletes. This week the offensive coordinator for the UNK Loper football team, coach Russ Martin, explains that a true champion doesn’t just meet their goals, but fulfills their purpose.

“Bringing out the best in you and those around you,” Martin says is key in becoming that true champion. “When you fulfill your purpose, you become what you aspire to be and what you have been called to be.” When this happens, the wins and losses are not what people remember.

When a true champion is gone it is not his or her record that people focus on. It is the legacy they left behind. “It comes down to relationships,” Martin explains, “helping others reach their goals and fulfill their purpose.”

Martin asks, “If you win the championship but lose your family in the process, is it worth it?” Abraham Lincoln put this in perspective when he said, “Honor is better than honors.” All of the accolades in the world cannot replace the importance of honoring your relationships and helping others reach their full potential and fulfill their purpose. Relationships and purpose are the first keys to unlocking the meaning of a true champion.


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