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Drink up: GAMMA Root Beer Olympics tapped for March 26
Ryan Larsen
Antelope Staff

Gamma is more than just the third letter of the Greek alphabet. Here at UNK, it stands for Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol, a campus organization that promotes smart, healthy living.

GAMMA helps students learn about making responsible decisions when it comes to drinking, sexual activity and tobacco use. The group does so by hosting fun, educational events throughout the year, such as a root beer kegger, the “Condom Olympics,” “De-Stressors” during dead week and the “Root Beer Olympics,” which is this Friday, March 26.

The group holds meetings every other Tuesday. Anyone is free to attend meetings and events. GAMMA is not limited to just the Greek community.

GAMMA has been around for a while, but recently members have taken strides to revitalize the group. “For a while GAMMA was kind of a joke, but it’s turned around,” said Pete White, a sophomore social science major from Lincoln, and vice president of GAMMA. “We’ve been using Facebook a lot and hanging up posters to get the word out on campus.”

White emphasizes that the group doesn’t promote abstinence from alcohol, but it rather promotes responsibility. “We know that people drink. We just want them to be smart about it. GAMMA is like a support group for that.”

Kyle Smydra, a sophomore industrial distribution major from St. Paul, and president of GAMMA, said that students will find something unique in GAMMA that sets it apart from most other campus organizations. “It’s a proactive group, instead of talking at, we talk to and encourage the peer-to-peer experience.”


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