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Social norm or wake up call?
Kelli Walters
Antelope Staff
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Shows such as “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” on MTV are taking reality television by storm.

Viewers watch as the young mothers and fathers go about the hardships of raising a baby.  Juggling high school, gossip, work, finances and keeping a social life takes stress to another level for the moms on each episode.
Morgan J. Freeman, producer of “16 and Pregnant,” which aired on June 11, 2009, created a spin-off, “Teen Mom,” in December 2009 due to the high ratings. Allie Nightingale, junior elementary education major, said, “The show sums up in an hour each Tuesday of what life is like for these girls dealing with motherhood. It is interesting to see all they go through.”

Most of the episodes of both programs show that having a baby at such a young age can really take a toll on the relationship you have with your significant other.  

They are fighting to have a family and yet still keep their adolescence, but usually the balance is too hard to find, causing the couples to have many blowouts.

The hard part about these shows is figuring out what they are doing to our society.  

Are they praising teenage girls who get pregnant by giving them their own televisions shows and popularity? Or do these shows scare girls into being more cautious?
“16 and Pregnant” should teach girls at least one thing: not to have sex with losers,” said Kayla Wittrock, sophomore travel and tourism major.

The boys on these shows are not the best examples of having good fathering skills.  

The young parents on these shows have to grow up really fast, when they are still kids themselves.  

At the age of 15, they are taking on roles that some people do not take until in their late 20s.

The fathers on these shows usually seems to cause conflict by walking in and out of their child’s lives at their leisure, which is frustrating to the girls and even to viewers.

Even without much help from either parent, they do what they can to make a better life for their child.

For one couple that meant giving their daughter up for adoption.  

This gave viewers of the show firsthand look at how tough of a decision that was. At times the guilt and sadness made the decision seem harder than raising the child themselves.  
“16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” give young teens everywhere a taste of what life is like, good and bad, as a result of not using proper protection.  

Since teenage pregnancies are more common than ever, this show is a wake up call for everyone.


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