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Loper of the Week: Kamarudeen Usman
Jordan Hoff
Antelope Staff
Photo by Jordan Hoff

Kamarudeen Usman has been one of greatest wrestlers in Loper history. For the past three years he dominated the 174 lb weight class for UNK. After winning his third straight RMAC title he is now 40-1 overall on the year, notching 27 wins in a row and is on a quest to win a national championship in Omaha this weekend. Usman will enter the championship as the nation’s top ranked wrestler in his weight class.

HOMETOWN: Arlington, Texas
GRADE: Senior
MAJOR: Biology

In your final year of school and wrestling, how would you describe your time at UNK?

It has been a good three years. I have enjoyed the campus, the school, the people in the town and also my team. The weather not so much though.

What do you think you have done to be so successful in your sport?
I have just learned a more effective way to train, diet, push myself, focus and all around prepare for competition in this sport.

What do you have to do to win it all this year?

To finally finish on top I feel that I just have to be mentally ready when it's time. I have trained hard and prepared myself all year, and now it's just time to believe and get the job done.

How do you want to be remembered at UNK?

At UNK I would want to be remembered by my teachers and peers as an extremely talented and superior student-athlete.

What’s after college and wrestling for you?
After college I’m heading to the Freestyle University Nationals in Akron, Ohio, to begin my quest for an Olympic Gold, maybe with some mixed martial arts fights along the way.


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